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Vine Analytics - So How Did Your Videos Perform?


What is Vine?

Vine is a standalone (currently only iOS) app from Twitter that lets users create short, 6-second videos that run on a loop.

Users record by holding their thumb against the screen, and stop by releasing. The short clips can then be threaded together and shared on Vine itself, Twitter or even Facebook. This is Twitter’s first standalone product that lets users share in some way other than a tweet.

I have found it very addictive to watch. It has had some issues with porn, and users having issues deleting the videos once they are shared, and there are concerns over privacy, but it has been a great start so far. Lots of promise and we are yet to see the full impact when the large brands start using it. We shall see what they come up with.

It is already very popular. Last weekend Vine users shared 113,897 videos on Twitter, or 2,324 videos every hour, according to data from SimplyMeasured,

How can you gauge success? I love showing some kind of value for the input you put in, so why not apply that to Vine? Thankfully there is already a nice free way of measurement.

Vine Analytics.

I love the suite of tools that Simply measured have created for social media analysis, and now they have added a free tool for Vine. First of all you have to sign up using your Twitter account.


You do need to have created at least 3 videos in the last 7 days to get some results, then you can see:

  • How are your Vine Tweets engaging followers and which Vines are being shared the most.
  • Analyze how your Vine content compares to Instagram, YouTube, and other visual media on Twitter.
  • How it can Include comprehensive data for Twitter accounts with up to 100,000 followers.

Case study example - Chris Brogan

We can look at Chris Brogan’s account to get a good idea of what is available as reports, thanks to Chris collaborating with Simply Measured. You cannot normally see this type of data for accounts you do not own.

Vines by the numbers


Firstly a view of the Vine video output, in vines per day, and the % of tweets that are related to vine videos.


Unique people, total engagement, potential reach and potential impressions are also displayed in this section.

How do your vines compare to other media?


In this section you see your vine output in terms of tweet engagement and potential tweet impressions compared to Instagram, YouTube/Vimeo, other photos and other links.

Who loved your vines?


In this section you see who has interacted the most with your vine output and your highest Klout scoring fans.


You also see your vine engagement broken down by country and also by city in two separate graphics (I show the country breakdown version above).

Which Vines should you grow?


"Which Vines should you grow?" is the title of the last section. It is a bubble graph showing replies on the Y axis and retweets on the x. Obvisouly suggesting your most popular Vines are the ones with the highest replies and retweets. The URLs are listed but when you click on them they toggle removing the bubbles and adding them back.

Maybe in time real time analytics for Vine like we have for Twitter?

Downloading reports.

You can download reports to Excel to analyze all the raw data, edit charts, and do custom analysis. You can even export to PowerPoint too! Now how cool is that? The Social Media Jedi is impressed ;-)

How could brands make use of the Vine revolution?

Brands could make fun videos of course, but I am a strong believer that advertising will be a strong option for brands as well. Twitter has an established promotion program so could that be tuned for Vine?


eMarketer looked at this option in a recent post.

Have you made any Vine videos? How do you see brands using Vine?

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